Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There's creativity, and there's genius

I fancy myself creative. I am in some respects, with writing, for example. With problem solving. Somewhat with photo composition. Here is a photo I snapped as I drove down a rural driveway, I was proud that I had noticed this composition of birds as a pleasing one, and that I had my camera ready to capture it. That's two-thirds of the battle, noticing surroundings and being prepared. The third part is, of course, execution.

Then I thought I was so clever to do an inverse and make the composition look spooky:

I was satisfied with the picture and I still am. But there's creativity and there's genius. This is what photographer Evan Leavitt did with his vultures pic:

The piece is called "Omen" and it is located at Flickr here. It is from his set called "Rural Pop" and the set is here. Wow! I love it. I love being inspired by the creativity of others who are at levels of skill so far beyond me! Thanks for sharing your photos Evan. I appreciate it!

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