Saturday, July 17, 2010


While watching tv last night I was putting together a collage. I'm no artist, but like a kid, I enjoy cutting and pasting. It's relaxing. And the magazines are free from the library cast-off bin, so that, combined with the collage box of goodies I won at an ebay auction, I'm all set for high fun on a summer evening.

I'm cutting, arranging, musing, thinking, browsing ... and finally a piece comes together that I'm fairly satisfied with. I arranged the pieces and got their final placements set before gluing. I went over to the sink to get some water, and was gone for about 10 seconds. I return to find this:

Luke, caught! He's sitting ON the collage that I'd carefully arranged, yet not glued. Though there were clear places on the coffee table to sit, he chose the ONE place where I exactly didn't want him to go. CATS!

LOL, here is the final piece-

Its central word, sin, represents how sin is central in everyone's life. It is surrounded by teddy bears and flowers because sin never comes in as what it is, a dark, oozing blot of poison. It's always embedded in soft, seductive terms and it always looks like something you want to grab a-hold of. Until it takes root in your life so deeply that the weeds of sin overtake you. The red ribbon is satan's emblem.

CATS! I'm not upset really, Luke is a good cat and the minute I snapped my fingers, he was off. I can't blame him for wanting to explore the ribbons and threads and pieces of brightly colored paper, because that's exactly what I want to do too! 

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