Friday, July 16, 2010

Sun Tea

With temps hitting one hundred, I don't want to heat up my kitchen by boiling water for tea. I also do not care for microwaved tea. Solution? Sun tea.

Brewing tea this way makes for a great glass of iced tea, especially. It is a gentler way of brewing than heaping boiling water on the teabag. It tastes smoother and a more mellow flavor emerges. Besides, it looks pretty in the sun, and it is fun to anticipate the good little glass of iced tea to come. It use nature instead of electricity, so those of you who like to conserve electricity on hot days especially when the local company advises conservation due to high demand, it satisfies. Every little bit counts. I love making chilled herbal tea this way.

Add sugar to taste if you want, or a splash of lemon juice. This is Green Tea. Yum! Enjoy your sun tea.

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