Saturday, May 15, 2010

In praise of habits

I like habit. Routine I guess is closer to the truth. Doing the same things day after day and week after week is like a security blanket that wraps around you and warms you as it enfolds you in security. Not that I dislike change, or spontaneity or adventure. Insouciance has attractions as well. But the careful scripting of my days as they roll one into another has an attractiveness that I find compelling. I like knowing that on Friday afternoons I will be at the County Library, browsing the new bookshelf in anticipation of good reads over the weekend. I like knowing that at 10:30 am on Saturday mornings, my laundry will be hanging on the line, waving in the light breeze, and that immediately after hanging them I will check the progress of the figs on the fig tree. I like knowing that on Sunday mornings at 10:50 I will be speaking to my Sunday School class about the previous week's prophecy indicators. I like knowing that on Monday morning I will be driving to Danielsville Elementary School with coffee cup in hand and Gregorian chants on the CD,  then working with children.

The springtime routine is wonderful to behold. The buds, then the flowers, then the fruits; the grass growing then cut, growing then cut; all beautiful to watch and take part in. God established a routine in the seasons and the tides and the weather that is a comfort and brings not only a sense of peace, but renewal.

Child care specialists (including parents!) know that establishing a routine for their children is utmost for creating a sense of peace and stability. I don't think that feeling of needing peace and stability through routine goes away as adults. And as adults we can also intuit when a routine has become a rut, and break out of it when we need to. But for now, my weekly routine is  working for me, and I am glad.

Magnolias are blooming.

Robins are hatching.

Figs are ripening.

Flower baskets are swinging.

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