Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Corner View: "The End Of My Street"

Jane at Spain Daily has a weekly theme upon which we all write from our corner of the world. It is called Corner View and this week's theme is "The End Of My Street." Please be sure to check out her entry and the links to all the others!

I live at the end of a one-way street. It was recently made a one-way due I suppose to its narrowness. I agree it is safer this way, but I live at the end of it you see. I cannot turn from the main road to my driveway 15 feet away ... I must now pass my abode, drive down the road a piece, turn left, drive, turn left, drive, and then turn left again, adding about a mile to the 15 foot journey. Oh, well, it is a quiet street, despite being adjacent to one of the main routes in the county.

Below, the corner, the stop sign, and the property on which I rent. There are a lot of old-growth trees and lots of flowering bushes.

The house across the street is nice and next to that, through the chain link fence, is the local elementary school. I love living near a school. I hear the buses crank up at 6:22 am, my community snooze alarm. I hear the sounds of children's laughter all day. I hear them playing on the playground and the squeak of the swings and the crack of the bat. I hear the end-of-year cheer on the last day of school. That always cracks me up.
In this photo, I am standing adjacent to my driveway, so you can see how tantalizingly close I am to the main street. Alas, that one-way. However, I can also hear roosters occasionally at dawn, the crickets at night, the train horn in the far's quiet street, and a friendly one. People trundle up and down it with their electric golf carts, going from one of their pastures to the next. Kids ride their bikes in the road. Cats scurry to guard their territory. It's good here.

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Ian said...

It looks very peaceful.