Sunday, May 02, 2010

Corner View: Animals

Jane at Spain Daily has a themed weekly blog-write called "Corner View" and we offer out thoughts and photos from our corner of the world. Because Jane is away for a few weeks, Joyce at A Perfect Beginning is hosting Corner View. This week's theme is Animals. I'm a few days late on this week's entry, sorry!

I moved from Maine to Northeast Georgia a few years ago and the thrill at living in a rural area with its myriad animals; domestic, farm, and wild, has not palled. In driving around, I never know what I'll see. These goats are on the farm next to where I lived in my first apartment:
Driving home on Thanksgiving Day from a friends' house, I saw this emu. They sure are huge birds! What a surprise that was, driving along and suddenly there's an emu keeping pace with my car!

Chickens are a number one industry here in Madison County. When I was reporting for the Athens Banner Herald, I visited a Chicken Farm one day in pursuit of a feature story. I snapped this inside the chicken house, and somehow the light allows the chickens to look almost majestic. Which is quite a trick, because chickens are anything but...

A common scene here in Georgia, hounds in truck.

My darlings, Bert and Luke!

We get quite a few thunder-boomers here in the spring. These birds fly against a stormy sky:


Joyce said...

A wonderful selection of animals! I just love the beauty that surrounds us daily. Enjoy! xo

Christie said...

That's a lot o' critters! I love the chicken picture.