Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip Report

I ventured out into the heat to accomplish a few small errands. The yellow squash is in, and it is really local. Like, next door! I am lucky to have a farm stand on the next street. I bought:

2 lbs yellow squash $1,
1/2 lb green beans $.50
2 cukes $1
small red potato $.45
basket of green peppers $1

The great thing is you get to chat with the very nice man who runs it which is always pleasant.

The local grocery store is a mom and pop, which I like, and their weekly specials are to die for. Really good prices. I bought:
2 doz eggs $1.70
marked down 8 oz mushroom $.99
tray of strawberries for $2
iceberg lettuce $1.29
12 oz American cheese slices $1.50
pkg hot dog buns $1
banana $.21

Tax is %3 and the total was $8.95. So a week or more's worth of fresh fruit, protein, and veggies was roughly $13. I'm likin' it.

Coming out of the very air cooled grocery store was like entering a blast furnace. It is 91 degrees in Danielsville and the heat index at 102. "Ugh" I said, to a woman waiting at the entry. "Yes, it is pretty hot," she said. I smiled and turned toward my car but she approached me. "Do you have jumper cables?" she asked. "I left the light on and now the van is dead." I apologized and said no, but man, what a hot day to be stuck outside waiting to get going...and what if her husband inside was buying perishables? Rotten luck, and there for the Grace of God go I...

The local library is very good. It has a wide array of materials to choose from in all media, and they ac newest books quickly, Their Interlibrary loan is excellent, I can ask for a book from any participating library in the state. The catalog is online so I can make ILL requests, renew, or search the catalog for books to see if they are in before driving all the way over there. They even send me e-mail reminders of upcoming renewals and ILL fulfillments. Pretty sophisticated and efficient for a small rural county, and I am impressed with the facility and the workers.

So I'm checking out and renewing books, and the librarian said, "Your book 'How to photograph absolutely everything' is due in three days. Do you want me to renew it?"

"yes, please. I have not yet learned how to photograph absolutely everything."


"Oh! HA HA HA. Well, [laughing] you have two more renewals on it in case you need more time."

To the bank...the locally owned local bank was sold a few months ago. We all got the usual blather when one corporation sells out to another: 'nothing will change, the staff will remain, the name will not change." And etc.

This bank has brick front, gold letters for its name above the door, and in the lobby, a coffee pot with free coffee for customers. Te tellers all know you by name and the interior is like the bank from the thirties, with thick carpet,granite teller counter, couch and wingback chairs...mahogany and wood, with a display of old bank clocks behind the tellers on the wall in a mahogany case.

Then they announced that the name will change after all, and locals are very upset. I am not happy either, I love my local bank, but what are you gonna do? It is the way of the world.

My old air conditioner has a hard time keeping up but I have a fan on and chilled water...watching the news about North Korea. Thunderstorms predicted for later, so hopefully we get some more rain without the damaging winds!

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