Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My bird visitor

A very nice bird sits on this tree every night and preens. I think he uses the birdbath nearby and then flies to the branch and dries off. It is quite a spectacle to watch him, he is a majestic bird in my opinion. He fluffs, and uses his sharp beak to pry apart all the feathers. He stretches each wing and I can see the sunlight illuminate their delicate end tips. I haven't been able to identify him yet but I'm working on it. So I watch for a while, admiring his coloring and then I decide I want to capture him flying off. Capture that moment when he arches his back and spreads his wings and uses the air to suspend himself above gravity.

So. How did I do?


Anonymous said...

That's a Brown Thrasher.

Elizabeth Prata said...

so it is! thank you so very much for the ID!!