Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Amen, brother!"

I was invited by three friends to attend a three day convention in the Smoky Mountains called "Praise Fest." It is a pretty much continuous slate of gospel music singing, Christian comedy, and preaching. We go for three hours in the morning and then break for the afternoon, and then three hours in the evening.

Last night Dr. Charles Stanley of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, also known as "America's Pastor" spoke to us about being active in service ministry all the days of our lives, the same message was delivered by Pastor and comedian Ken Davis. Dr. Stanley said, 'when you stand before God being judged and He asks you what you have been doing the last twenty years, are you going to tell him, 'er, I retired from serving You and have been coasting?'' I sure want to be able to say that I worked hard for Him and what a joyous moment if He replies, "Well done good and faithful servant"!!

The music is rousing southern gospel, moving and cheerful. The preaching is insightful, Scriptural, and inspiring. All in all, it's 2,000 evangelical Christians in an auditorium saying, "Amen, brother!"

Above, The Specks singing southern gospel to a crowd of about 2,000.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very uplifting :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a wonderful experience, Elizabeth! Can't believe how God has changed your life since you arrived in Georgia!

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks so much! It was tremendous. The music was incredible, the groups were all so talented.