Thursday, November 08, 2007

At the laudromat

At Danielsville laundromat, I park next to Papa and his boiled peanut and fried pork skin vendor cart, and enter past a bulletin board advertising the annual chitlin dinner at Watson Mill Fish House. Inside is a women in a brown tee shirt advertising Bubba's Taxidermy.

Above, Papa attending to a customer, wearing his trademark white cowboy hat, matching his white, flowing hair.

I watch my delicates spin, and my interior chortles on the typical southern markers fade as I chat with a woman who owns a washing machine, but there's no water at her house because her well ran she's here at the laundro. Her well gave up the ghost, and the drought doesn't seem to be easing anytime soon. "I wonder how long it'll be till they tell us we can't use this place," she said morosely.

She runs a farm and has to haul water for all the animals. She heats the water for dishwashing in the microwave. She takes a shower at her friends' house. One load of laundry takes 60 gallons..."I know. I've hauled them," she said.

As I pack to leave, I wish the the no-water dry well woman good luck. She brightens, saying "Nice chatting with you!"


Cathy Nash said...

Hi! I've seen this guy too--your other pics are beautiful too. I think my favorite is the tree.

Anonymous said...

Hope the 'Water Situation' will soon be a thing-of-the-past. We never really appreciate something until we don't have it. We take alot for granted in this Country. I wish you many days of Gentle Rains!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Unfortunately, the water situation is getting very dire. Though Governor Purdue held a prayer vigil on the capitol steps and there was a half inch that fell thae next day (Thank you Lord!) we are still 20 inches below where we need to be, going into the dry season. I notice today that lots of lawns and pastures are now brown. There's no grass for the cows to eat..