Friday, October 19, 2007

Slumber party!

Church chicks slumber partying tonight! A bunch of us women of all ages from church are gathering to have a sleep-over party tonight. We've got the soda chilling, the pizzas on order, the cakes are arriving, and at last count we have two guitars and a piano on premises. Woo-hoo! should be a great time!


maggiegracecreates said...

Fun fun fun - I hope you guys have a grest night.

I also hope I see you tomorrow night.

Elizabeth Prata said...

thank you Teresa! At the Hauntings Reception there will be some great food like crab balls with pepper sauce, brownies with strawberries, bruschetta with basil... etc, the music is selectd and the gallery looks fantastic. There's a lot of great art to ponder, and ghost stories at 7:30.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Have a good time and watch out for Quagmire. (Family Guy reference)


christie said...

Love the illustration. :)

I remember doing something similar at Pioneer Girls (an older version of what we now call youth groups). Have fun!

Elizabeth Prata said...

thansk, all. We had a great time. Many of the ladies got to know each other a bit more than we can do in church in those few minutes after the serice when we pack up to leave. I liked the singing.

Anonymous said...

"Slumber Parties" are always sooo much fun! It's an opportunity to 'let-your-hair-down'...enjoy the people you're with...get away from the 'rush, rush,' of daily living, relax, and 'get to know yourself'!!!