Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Overheard conversations

Scene: Dollar General. Mom with two small kids at checkout.

As mom puts three full baskets atop the counter, the kids browse nearby goodies. The boy picks up scissors with neon handles that have glitter inside.

Can I have these?
I want them!!
No, you’ll cut everything up.
But I want them! [Starts to cry.]
No. Put them back.
[Boy folds his arms and hides his head inside the crook and cries heartbreakingly]
You can’t take them on the bus, you know that.
Boy sobs louder.
Sister says to brother, Shhh. There’s someone behind you.
I do-nt ca-re!!!!
Mom: All right, I’ll buy the scissors but I will take them to school. You can't take them on the bus.
That’s IT.
[Boy perks up. Family heads to door, the boy, who has skipped ahead, spies a cell-phone display.]
Ma! I need a cell phone for Christmas!!

Scene: Book Warehouse. Going out of business sale. Mom with two teens walks in.
Mom, look! Parenting books.
It's too late. I messed you up already.

Scene: post office in little Georgia town. Beat up old car pulls in. As driver gets out, two guys in a phone truck toot and wave her over.

Your tire's flat.
Oh, my, it is!
Don't worry, it's only flat on the bottom.
Then she gets it. They all crack up.

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