Thursday, January 18, 2007

banner switch


Anonymous said...

The banner looks great! Is that a photo you took?

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks! It’s one of my photos, yes, the tide coming in at Venice Beach FL last January. I took it with my Lomo, a nifty, not-made-anymore Russian camera. The other banner was low tide at Lubec, with about 100 feet of mudflats exposed. I took that with my digital. In Venice, the tide is only about 4 inches though! It was sunset, a famous tradition of watching the sun go down because you have a clear flat horizon view and you might see the green flash the instant the sun touches the horizon. I went there every night because it was just so gorgeous at sunset...the colors!

Thanks for teaching me how to do it, it was not as hard to do it the second time as it was the first.