Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My new photo blog

I made a new photo blog. This one's for my writing. The other is for my photos. Feel free to visit, and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I got a new digital camera that I have fallen in love with. Unfortunately, I havent figured out how to send movies but can make them. still learning.


Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Chuck! My camera does video too. I made an account on YouTube and I upload them to there. From YouTube you get a link and then can put them on your own blog.

Other than that I haven't figured outhow to send video, though. It takes a PhD sometimes to figure out my camera and I carry my manual with me, but it sure is fun experimenting.

What kind of camera do you have?

Anonymous said...

Nikon of some sort. I have it at home. Will send you some pics I took of the kiddos.

Dj Landry said...

Elizabeth -

Your photographs have always caught my attention as an artist - beautiful...

I'm saving the photo blog for later - a reward for unpacking my bags.

Congratulations on your new blog.


Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Dj,

Thank you! I love taking pictures.

I hung your painting -- the one with the African face and the Third Eye --above my desk- she is what I look at as my eyes raise from the monitor to seek for inspiration. I love it! And also the floating coral, that's in my bedroom. Keep painting, they're gorgeous.