Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Break

Well it's the week before Thanksgiving and we are on break from school all week. I'm so grateful that the teachers and staff of our district vote every year for this week off. Prior to the school year's start, we're given an opportunity to vote on the school calendar. Options are generated by the staff & administrator Calendar Committee and they present the options to us. We vote. One of the choices is always to remain in school for the three days and take those three days and use them somewhere else, or have the whole week off. The vote is usually to take the week off. Yay.

I made a stop at the Second Hand store down the road after school Friday. I needed soap, and I like the hand made Amish soap the store sells. I also ambled over to the office and craft aisle, my irresistible draw and downfall, lol. In the past, I've found a Fabriano neon green journal, Martha Stewart scrapbooking papers and accessories I use in my own bookbinding and paper crafts, and small, magnetic notepads to make grocery lists, etc and more. I cannot resist an office or craft aisle. I've made peace with this in myself ;)

Yesterday I found a 5.5 X 8 spiral bound hard cover journal from Strathmore (Mixed media). Its cover was titled "Visual Journal" and the papers inside were 90 lb weight papers, 68 pages in all. The paper is smooth, I like the spiral binding because it lays flat when I'm working in it. The price was $2. Given the wonderful track record at this store of offering good items for a low price, I bought it knowing that Strathmore items always cost more than a mere $2!

Sure enough as I returned home I checked Amazon. It looks like I saved over $5 on this item!

Youtube is a wonderful repository for all manner of enjoyable videos. There were several art tutorials extolling the virtues of various art journals, and the Strathmore spiral journal was one. I learned a lot about what makes it a good journal. I'm looking forward to trying various media this evening as I dig out my supplies and try to create something.

Meanwhile, I have writing to do, a lot of it. After this essay, I'll write the daily blog at The End Time, thoughts today from John 11. Also I need to finish proofing the next eBook in my series, 'In Grace". It will be called Prophecy In Grace. In addition to the proofing the eBook, I need to finish making the digital cover. I want to be ready for Black Friday.

I also took some photos on these past sunny days, and I want to play with them as well. I'm halfway through the book Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. It's an excellent memoir of a boy from Appalachia Kentucky who "made it" and his thoughts on poverty and socio-economic odds. Reading is definitely on my vacation schedule of activities. A friend is having a baby by C-section and I'll visit her in the hospital Monday.

The weather has been warm, yesterday was a gorgeous sunny 75 degrees, as it has been for the past week- perfect in my opinion. However this morning a cold front is supposed to sweep through and the wind is supposed to kick up and stay there all day. The temps will plummet and stay there. Brrr. That's OK, it is mid-to-late November after all. I have the gas stove ticking, the cat slumbering my by side, my comfy leggings and a sweatshirt on, and chicken soup bubbling. I have the week off and a relaxing time to look forward to.

It's all good, very good. I can't believe the year 2016 has dwindled down this fast, to only mere weeks remaining until 2017 comes! Do the years really pass faster and faster?! I think so. Enjoy the good while you can and love your life.


Grace to You said...

"Enjoy the good while you can and love your life."

I know what you meant and I agree, but I couldn't help but think of John 12:25 when I read this. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

I'm glad you knew what I meant... :)

For those who might not have, I meant love the blessings Jesus gives, love His creation because He shows Himself in His invisible qualities in it, love the service in His name we're able to render love the fact that he gave us life and then life eternal etc.

Anonymous said...

First verse that came to my mind after reading this: 1 Tim 6:17

We have such different hobbies, but I always enjoy reading about yours. That said... for some reason, I'm having an inkling of wanting to tinker with photography...