Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday deals

Today was a very good day!

I did participate in Black Friday. Here is the extent of my purchases:

--99 cents ebook for Kindle, the Autobiography of Hudson Taylor, missionary to the Chinese.
--Robitussin and cough drops at the Dollar Store. Yes, the old sinus hit me on Wednesday and the store was closed Thursday for the holiday. I scooted over to the Dollar Store as soon as I could this morning.

Today I spent time outside doing the patio/yard things that had been bugging me. I got rid of a metal yard decorative element that had rusted. I pruned and re-potted all my plants and dug the dead leaves out of them. I swept the patio, and cleaned the front window. I planted some heirloom morning glories a friend had sent me. Of course the breeze blew the leaves right back into the patio and the pots, but I still felt good that I'd done my part.

The day was actually very warm unusually so. Long sleeves were too cumbersome and I ducked back inside to change into short sleeves. Yay, a nice, warm day under the sun doing light yard work was just the ticket.

I got rid of my car, which I wrote about earlier.

I finished my two classes and organized the certificates and the notes and syllabi from them plus another class I'd taken, into a binder. Now that I've taken three classes with two more on deck, I need to organize my credits. I'd taken Recovering Beauty of the Arts and Justification By Faith through Ligonier Connect. They are interesting Bible classes and Ligonier is partnered with ACSI so I get continuing education credits. Next up is Understanding the Tabernacle, and Principles of Biblical Interpretation. Yay! The one I took last year was Interpreting the Old Testament from Crown College.

I did the pre-paperwork online for getting my license renewed. Doing a bunch ahead of time is supposed to streamline the process. Harumph. We'll see when I go next week to renew my license whether spending an hour wrestling with the DMV's website helped any.

I had a lot of cans of green beans accumulating so when I was at the Dollar Store I bought some fried onions and cream of mushroom soup to make a green bean casserole tomorrow. I'll also bake some tofu, roast some potatoes and roast some poblano chiles a friend gave me from his garden. I also plan to make a lentil and tomato salad and cut up a pineapple. My cooking will be done for the week.

Voice of the Martyrs had offered a free book, Hearts of Fire, so I'd ordered it and it came today. So did my issue of The Banner of Truth's magazine. Between them, my ongoing reading of Hillbilly Elegy, and the 99 cent Autobiography of Hudson Taylor, I've got some great reading material for the rest of the weekend!

I found out that Great British Bake Off has a spinoff, called Junior Bake Off, so happy day! When my eyes get too tired, I'll watch this season's entrants, the cute little monkeys that they are!

Speaking of cutie pies, my ever present curious companion, Murray, is always on hand to lend a hand. He's always up for a cuddle!

Note large bag of cough drops and large box of tissues on table. #Sinus-season


Grace to You said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy Black Friday! I ordered a braided rug for the living room, 15% off plus free shipping. :)
How do you watch the Junior Bake Off show? My kids would like that. I checked Netflix and Amazon Prime but they don't have it.
Hope you feel better soon,