Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some photos

We've been spared so far of the hundred degree heat, but likely that is coming in August. The drought is ongoing but a few drenches of rain here and there enlivened the lawn to a greenish-brownish instead of crunchy dark brown. I'm still enjoying the leisurely days at home with the cats. Murray especially seems to appreciate me being home. He's been a cuddle bug. I still have two and a half weeks to go before school starts, which is still longer than many people get for a vacation all year!

The walk around the yard yielded up these beauties the other day, to which I added some Pixlr gizmos and overlays:


Grace to You said...

Love the fish sculpture photo and whatever gizmos you used!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks! It was a black wrought iron type citronella or other candle thingie the neighbor used on the granite picnic table in the yard. I needed to take a photo of it quick. I'd procrastinated taking a pic until the day she was moving! Now it's gone.