Saturday, August 08, 2015

When Bookworms Party, and school

School started Monday without the kids, and Friday with the kids. It was a great day! They all looked so cute in their new dresses and haircuts, one 1st grade boy I saw came in wearing a tie.

No matter how old or young you are, the first day always hits us like a ton of bricks. I went to get my hair cut finally after school and then treated myself to a take-out dinner Chief Burger Club Sandwich and slice of homemade strawberry cake. The thought of more standing on my feet, cooking simply was out of the question.

Chief Burger is a little drive-in about a mile from me. It has been in that spot since the dinosaurs roamed, a little shack like Harmon's in Maine or Aunt Carrie's in RI or like any of the places Fieri promotes on his Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives show. It features a screened-in eating area with three picnic tables, and the ordering window and takeout window. That's it. Unpretentious, delicious, made to order real food. The cakes really are homemade, and a slice cost only $1. Here is their Facebook banner:

It was a delicious dinner and I was happy to be home and off my feet.

I like my schedule this year. I am working with first AND second graders in addition to kindergarten, for the first time. It's a busy day but it flies by and the bonus is that I get to work with kids in teacher-supervised groups in class a lot. This is what I love, working directly with kids (as opposed to being on hand in the classroom and not doing anything in particular until called upon by the teacher, or duties, or correcting/clerical.) Though I'm grateful for any employment. I need to sustain myself and that has not been easy as an autistic person. However, I'm proud to say that this is my 6th year as a regular employee and my 8th year including the years I subbed at the school. A personal best.

Today I wrote a while studied my bible, and read, but I'd thrown my back out this morning somehow and it hurts. I had wanted to vacuum, clean the tub, change the sheets, and dust, but I only managed to roast some cauliflower/potatoes/carrots, and do the dishes. And slowly, at that.

Nevertheless, I soldier on, reading and napping. Because, I know how to PARTY!

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Grace to You said...

My favorites are Red's Eats in Wiscasset and Fred's Shanty in New London CT because I'm partial to lobster rolls and fried halibut sandwiches. I overheard someone in a store here in NC recently talking about her relative who was going to pack halibut (that the relative had caught herself) on dry ice and send it down here. If I knew where that was going to be delivered I'd be tempted to intercept it and make myself a sandwich. :)

Hope your back gets to feeling better!

Elizabeth Prata said...

MMM lobster rolls! I could go for a good ole fried halibut sandwich with pier fries. Thanks about my back. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Grace to You said...

First, how's your back today?

Second, I just watched a movie this afternoon that made me think of was called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Have you heard of it? I hadn't. The story was bound to be moving since the events of 9-11 played a role, but what was really compelling was the main character, a boy of 9 at the beginning of the movie when he lost his dad. He had been tested for Aspergers with inconclusive results, but it seemed evident that he was on the spectrum. It was difficult to walk in his shoes for 2 hours, but I'm glad I did. If you've seen it, I'd love to know what you thought of it.

[If you haven't, I should tell you there are several times the boy says things that sound like curse words but they're changed enough not to be, and once when he does quite clearly. I hate that, esp for a child actor, but considering the situation the character is dealing with and the fact that they don't claim to be Christians, it actually is probably tame compared to reality. You can screen it on]

Elizabeth Prata said...

Grace To You, thank you for asking. It got progressively better thru the day. As long as I don't do something silly tonight I'll be fine for work. I (carefully) managed to change the sheets, cook, do dishes, laundry, and vacuum, very necessary and could not be put off any longer. I feel better that it's done.

I have heard of that movie back-along but I'd forgotten about it. I chose not to watch is when it came out because 911 was still too raw, but now I will put it in the queue and watch it. Thanks for the reminder, I believe it got good reviews when it came out.

Grace to You said...

I looked at the movie on IMDB and read some of the reviews there after we watched it...these weren't professional critics, of course, but there was a lot of division - people either hated it or loved it. The ones who hated it were very similar in tone to the comment left on your blog sad.

Will you come back to this post and tell me what you thought after you watch it? I bookmarked this page and will check periodically for your comments.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Sure, I'll come back and post a reaction. Thanks for asking. I probably wont have a chance to watch until next weekend.

Grace to You said...

Hey, when are you going to watch this movie??

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Grace To You,

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? It is not on Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, Crackle or Snagfilms, It is on Amazon Prime but I'd have to I'm still waiting...