Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fig extravaganza

A friend at work gave me a gallon of figs. I LOVE figs! But they start to go over in two days. I had a lot of cooking to do! First, I ate about ten right away. Yum.

I made fig muffins for the first time and that was a success. I doubled the recipe and brought a bunch to school and gave away to friends.

Today I made fig preserves. All that means is you chop figs, put in pan with sugar and other spices you want (I added cinnamon and salt and lemon juice) and simmer it down until it's thick to your preference. I halved the figs because I like chunky preserves.

I chose not to sterilize the jars and preserve them on the shelf for long term because I understand it is not good to re-use the lids. You have to make sure to get a good seal and re-using them will not ensure that. (I'm not speaking of the rings, they can be reused). I made enough preserves to fill three little jars and gave one away to a friend. I do enjoy a fig preserve and cream cheese sandwich now and then. Mental note: put cream cheese on the grocery list.

This morning's breakfast was scrambled eggs and figs, another good dish I enjoy cooking and eating.You would not think to put figs in an egg dish or use them for breakfast but there ya go. Figs are versatile. I didn't have the heart to use the rest of the figs in the preserve because I like fresh figs so much. I kept back about 20 more figs, but I'm on day two and there isn't much more time to eat the rest. Get ready for some fiber, stomach, it is coming your way.

Today's Bountiful Basket was super. Watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, raspberries, papaya, apples, carrots, onions, red potatoes, peppers, French eggplant. I haven't had eggplant in a while because the local store doesn't sell it. I'm excited about the two I received in the basket, and I also have on hand some garden tomatoes. I see something Italian in the future.

It's a hot day but thankfully the humidity is down, and the overnight temps have cooled off to the mid 60s, which makes for a very pleasant morning. I listened to Gospel quartets all morning and wrote and relaxed. Very nice start to the weekend! I hope you all have a wonderful day as well.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news that you got your BB again, answered prayer! :) Also, I know envy is a sin, but I'm having FIG ENVY! :)

Went on weekly grocery run yesterday and got everything needed to make those cold oatmeal jars. Since husband said he "will try chocolate banana", that's what we prepped last night... and had them for breakfast this am. Yum!

Ok, I just love that I can borrow all your good food ideas. :)


Elizabeth Prata said...

I'm so glad you tried it! Did he enjoy the chocolate banana? I need to try that, come to think of it!

Anonymous said...

Husband says, "Needed to double the sweetener, but otherwise I liked it."

So yes, he liked it. I agreed on it needing more sweetener. We used extra dark cocoa powder, so it was very strong. I'm thinking of adding walnuts to it. :)

Thanks again for all the great ideas!