Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cat naps

My cats are great cats. Bert and Murray are sweet and never give me trouble and Luke is actually perfect. They are funny too, with their different little personalities. I'm grateful the introduction of young Murray to the house with two older brother already settled went so smoothly. They never fought and they actually get along very well.

We have a routine here in the summer. We have one during the school year too, but I'm home all day in the summer so the routine of us all being together is longer. I do the same thing at the same time every day. Cats love that so they're happy. They all have their "spots" where they nap or hang out at different times of the day.

Here's Bert's perch.

Let's move a little closer to Bert...Don't mind me, Bert, Just checking you out. No need to panic.

 I need to get just a liiiittle closer. I can see the anxiety in you, Bert. Please, calm down.

Where's Murray? In his hideaway under the covers. He goes there from around 10-3 every day.

Lift up the covers, what do I see? Sleepy kitty!

Luke isn't fooled. He knows Murray is under there. When Luke jumps to the bathroom sink to take some sips and then wants to jump down, Murray is always there to attack Luke when he leaps. There is no other way down and the bathroom is so small Murray can block Luke totally. It aggravates the heck out of Luke. So when Murray is under the's payback time!

"Hmmm, I think I'll casually sit on this mysterious lump that I don't notice AT ALL!"

BANG BANG BANG the boxing commences

 "Who, me?"

I love my cats very much. They are super company for me. I'm blessed with good animals.


Deby Lake said...

Your cats are wonderful. I love cats also. Zoe who is white also love to snuggle under the covers. I learned that all white cats get cold easier so they tend to do this. She is 15, we just lost her sister who was also 15 a couple months ago. Zoe mourned for a couple days and then settled in to being the only child. lol. I do think she enjoys it, she gets all the attention. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth. Cats have fantastic personalities, are very entertaining and great company.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Deby,

I'm sorry about your loss... :( I had not known about white cats getting cold easier. I wound up with Murray in the first place because in Oct 2013 a stray cat had babies under our shed. My neighbor on the other side of the house started to feed one of the kitties. Arrgh.

When I drove in every day he would be there, all little and scrawny and flea infested and come running up to me. I could not resist. I'd comb him outside and try to get rid of the fleas and give him some love. Then in December, the neighbor moved. Argh.

In January 2014 the news predicted bitter, bitter cold, below zero temps up to only single digits overnight. In Georgia that is pretty drastic. They repeatedly urged all folks in the affected area to among other things, bring in your animals. I just couldn't leave the kitty out there to probably die, so as my neighbor moved out I asked if it'd be all right if I could bring Murray in. She said yes. Just for the duration of the extreme weather, you see.

That was in Jan 2014. Now we are in June 2015. LOL Murray is mine, and fully an indoor cat. I'll leave out lots of blankies around for him and snuggle him to make sure he never gets cold again. :)