Sunday, June 21, 2015

A quiet Sunday

It is such a nice day here in Georgia-land. Hot, all right, but I'm not talking about the weather.

I had an excellent sleep (something you value as you get older, lol), and awoke to a sunny day and chirping birds. What could be better?

The pajama part of the morning was quiet. With the windows raised I could hear birds, insects, occasional distant lawnmower. I had my two cups of coffee and got ready for church.

Church was very nice also, a comfortable Sunday School lesson in fellowship with others, and then a sermon on fathers. The children who attended Vacation Bible School and who were present in the sanctuary sang two of their songs for us and there is nothing cuter than kids performing. They did a great job.

I used my new Bible organizer for the first time. Man, is it hard for me to change my routine. It is a good organizer, but it's more like a Trapper Keeper than the canvas bible carrying bag I'd had before. I need different skills to handle it. At the end of the sermon all my stuff slid out, off the pew and onto the floor. My Sunday School lesson book, weekly bulletin, cough drops, scattered. During the prayer. Argh. I'll get used to it eventually. And yes, changing bags requires commitment and patience and a new skill set. At least it does for an autistic person. The smallest little change has reverberations.

Back at home, I made salmon-quinoa patties, served on a bed of greens topped with a dollop of ranch dressing, and potato salad on the side. Dessert was a mug of smoothie: having a cantaloupe-yogurt base, topped with sliced strawberries and a handful of homemade granola. Yum.

I found the first two episodes of Food Network Star on youtube from this season and watched them. Since there was a full complement of contestants the editing could not focus too long on any one person's dish, so I didn't learn anything. Except perhaps I could use corn meal more. It's a versatile ingredient I can do a lot with. If I learn to, ha ha. The many dishes I saw in these 2 episodes featured grits or polenta in unexpectedly luscious ways.

My plans for this afternoon in the immediate future is nap, read my book "All We Like Sheep", and craft something. Probably will make fabric bookmarks while watching a movie. It will be quiet and peaceful. Perfect.


Grace to You said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon. It's in the mid-90s here; I just checked the weather in Maine and it's 61. Argh.

Elizabeth Prata said...

61 degrees! It's not even going to be 61 overnight. All week the low temps will still be in tthe 70s. Right now it is 95 actual and 101 real feel degrees. Friends in Maine commented on Facebook that it has been raining really hard all day. What I wouldn't give for a chilly rain! ANd to turn off my AC! :)