Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Graphics Fairy, good movie, weekend

I took a half personal day Friday, and after a very quick grocery shopping, I was home by about 12:30. I ate a fabulous turkey and avocado sandwich, with a piece of lemon cake and chilled herb tea, got caught up on the episode of Project Runway from the night before. (It was a very good episode, some of the clothes I actually liked, this time).

By 2:30 I was ZONKED. I took a three hour nap!

So when I found this on Twitter I copied it immediately:

Sometimes it's necessary to go outside my comfort zone. And by "comfort zone" I mean bed.

Yahoo! I know whatcha mean.

For you ladies who do crafts, here is a great site I found, it's called The Graphics Fairy and there are thousands of downloadable free graphic and vintage art pieces. Here are a few of my faves.

From category Botanicals:

From category Architecture:

From category Advertising:
Thousands more! They are in high resolution for good printing.

When I write a blog it often takes me as long or longer to find the right images. So with the Graphic Fairy delivering all these 'public domain,' not copyrighted images, this is definitely worth a bookmark.

I watched a very good movie last night. It is called Monsieur Lazhar. It is a French movie of an Algerian man who fled to Montreal, becoming a substitute teacher when the 6th grade teacher hangs herself in the classroom, with the children never knowing his own grief. It is a touching story of love, caught in the administrative nightmare of over-protective schools and rigid curricula, where hugging a child is a rebellious act of defiance. It is in French with subtitles. I truly enjoyed this movie.

The heat is hanging on here. By mid September the heat usually breaks, and I sure am looking forward to that. Overall it has been a good summer, with only the last two weeks really heating up relentlessly. I've had the AC on for a week straight, and I cannot WAIT to turn it off. I love the birds and the clean air and the quiet. I get none of those with the window AC unit on. Though I do get the cool. So I should stop complaining now

Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone :)

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Elizabeth also I am happy you got some down time for yourself. God Bless.