Monday, September 15, 2014


Fog rolling up the Machias River...the place I used to vacation. A small cabin with a yard full of lupines and the river just below.
EPrata photo


Grace to You said...

Your pictures of Maine stir up such a longing in me.

I just got an email this evening from a dear friend in Maine and she commented that I've been back in the south almost a year now, and was wondering if I am feeling more "at home" these days. I'm not. I miss Maine just as much now as I did when we first moved; even more so in some ways. I don't expect to ever feel at home anywhere else on this earth. I suppose that is a good thing, though, as it makes me long for heaven more, and I'm glad for that.

Elizabeth Prata said...

I'm so sorry for your homesickness. I know we all like to feel comfortable in the place in which we dwell, even knowing this isn't our home. :(

Grace to You said...

Elizabeth, thanks for your kind comment. I've been wondering about something similar to what you wrote for a while...wondering why the LORD would take me someplace where I would feel so overwhelmingly at home, like this was where I was meant to be my whole life, and then move me away from it a short 6 years later. The only thing I can figure is He wanted me to get a glimpse of what homesickness for our real home should be like.

Do you love living in the south? Does it feel like home to you?

Elizabeth Prata said...

I love New England but no place I've lived (RI, Maine, GA, or temporarily FL, TX etc) ever felt like home. One thing I miss, the only thing, is the rocky coast. But where I live there are so many animals. Driving the 7 miles to work I pass ALL pastures, with donkeys, magnificent horses, cows, sheep, chickens. The rolling green hills and farms, ponds. It's beautiful. My yard has lots of songbirds, too. It keeps me going till we get to our real home.

Grace to You said...

I think it's probably a good thing that you've never felt like a place is home...I kind of wish I hadn't. Although that would mean never having lived in Maine, and I can't wish that.

Your area of the south sounds nice. It's good to be reminded that there are some nice areas in the south and it's not all flat and sandy like it is here. :)