Saturday, March 22, 2014

Honey the Great Dane & Lemon the Tortoiseshell Cat - Magic Moments Together

As has been said, this IS worth every minute of the ten minutes. Very sweet. We all need some sweetness in our lives. I love my precious three kitties! Here is the background to the video

"Honey & Lemon shared the same birthday - they came into our lives together, grew up together, played together, shared adventures together - and should have grown old together...but we lost Lemon to a mystery infection while she was staying in a cattery, in Jan 2009. She was only 5yrs old. For such a tiny cat, she has left a huge hole in our hearts - and an empty space by Honey's side. She was the night to Honey's day, the spice to Honey's sweetness, the devil minx to Honey's angel goodness - and she was a cat in a million."

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