Friday, March 14, 2014

Glad the weekend's here

It was a long week. The weather has turned nice though, Georgia warm. The Bartlett pear trees are blooming, which doesn't help the hayfever or the breathing but they are wonderfully gorgeous to look at. So are the dogwoods and the forshythia and the daffodils.

I did a quick grocery shopping after school and I was pleased with the good deals I got. Green peppers were reduced, and sweet mini red peppers, as was French baguette, a rye loaf, and pita. Turkey was on sale, and canned Alaska salmon. I intend to make salmon-black bean patties with that. The turkey of course will be sandwiches on all that good bread. I also got pie shells to make a broccoli cheese quiche and penne to have primavera.

My sweet for the week will be angel food cake with pineapple. You take a box of angel food cake, mix it with a can of crushed pineapple with juice, put it in an unbuttered cake pan, and bake. That. is. literally. it. And it's low calorie.

I bought 18 items and saved $4.20 by choosing things on sale or reduced. Final tally was $32.

Tomorrow I pick up the Bountiful Basket of produce. I can't wait to see what this week's basket will bring. I finally made the jicama salad with strawberries I had gotten last time and it was good! Jicama tastes like apples.

I did my dishes and most of my cleaning (have to get to the vacuuming soon or the dust bunnies will become mutant and carry off the cats and then come for me). I will need some serious R&R this weekend after the long week. Nothing earth shattering, just a pile-up of high maintenance kids with spring fever, lol.

I finished a good book by Charles Martin called "The Mountain Between Us" so I feel a little bereft right now until I find another novel to get absorbed in. I'll have to do that soon because I want to spend Saturday afternoon napping and reading.

The pink sky this morning was amazing. It was a uniform stripe across the bottom horizon of carnation and coral and crimson. Such beauty.

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