Saturday, February 01, 2014

Small spaces and kitties with large personalities

It seems strange to still see salt on the roads and the temperatures are now in the 50s and climbing. I'm glad the storm is gone and so are any remnants, at least around here. I hate snow.

I went to pick up my Bountiful Basket this morning. This week we got:

LOTS of pears
Asian apples

beautiful broccoli
lots of tomatoes
a zucchini
lot of green peppers

I don't know what I'll make from all that, except maybe pear compote or pear cobbler because we got a LOT of pears, but other than that... I'll probably roast the broccoli since that is just so luscious. The rest...we'll see.

After I got the fruits and veggies washed and sorted, I sat down to eat a wonderful lunch. I had bought some non-preservative bread from BB and I sliced a tomato-dill piece from the baguette, and toasted it. I topped it with hummus and ate a quinoa-orange-feta salad on the side. Chai black tea finished the meal.

I live in a small space. It is two real rooms with a small ell for the tiny kitchen. So...two and a half rooms? The rooms themselves are rather large. The high ceilings help. I calculated the square footage. It's 340 sf. I excluded the bathroom. When I read in design magazines of studio apartments and small living spaces and I read 340 sf it sounds small. But my apartment feels incredibly spacious.

Here is a closeup of a detail on a handmade textile I have hanging on my wall,

Ans here is my curious kitty ready to attack my dangling lens cap

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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