Saturday, February 08, 2014

Crock pot, O crock pot

It is a quiet Saturday here at the Prata home. I got up early (5:45am) and brewed a pot of coffee and sat in my special chair and read for a while in the quiet. I love doing that.

It's good for me too, my predilection is to bound out of bed and launch into the day. Being productive is all-important to me. I feel lazy if I 'waste' a moment. However I make myself slow down on Friday nights and Saturday mornings so that I can catch up to myself. I believe a person can lose the art of knowing how to relax if they let themselves. Then a permanent restlessness will set in. A person would engage in movement for the sake of movement, tasks that are mindlessly accomplished or not accomplished. Futzing and dithering would become the norm. Eventually a person would become non-productive and just run in circles. I have to watch out I don't become that person. This is my opinion.

I'm reading John Grisham's latest book, a legal novel called Sycamore Row. I love legal books. A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr, which was non-fiction, is one of my favorites. So is the non-fiction legal book One L, by Scott Turow and Turow's fictional Presumed Innocent.

However it's a given that John Grisham dominates the legal fiction category. Cranking out one book a year since 1989, with at least 25 of them in the legal genre, he is the king of fictional jurisprudence. And he is a good writer, too. His stuff is good, meaning; well-written, with individually defined, realistic characters, stories that could happen and therefore I can identify with, and satisfying conclusions. And they're free from profanity, a blessing in this day and profane age.

So I sat and read, with coffee.

When that was over I made use of the cool morning to bake pineapple-sour cream muffins, and steam some potatoes. I like to have potatoes on hand so that they're done and I can add them to soups, or make home fries or whatever. I hate using time at night to cook for a long time, and weekends afford a chance to steam or roast a bunch and thrown them into stuff later. I also boiled quinoa, same reason. Then I tried a new recipe for stuffed peppers. It is Mexican dish containing quinoa and black beans, cooked in crock pot. I hardly ever use my crock pot because I don't eat meat and most crock pot recipes seem to involve meat. So this was a chance to try a new recipe and use an appliance I haven't used in a while. I hope the peppers come out good. We received 8 or so in last week's Bountiful Basket plus I'd bought 4 on severe markdown the day before. So let's just say I had a lot of peppers to use up.

Tonight I am going to a housewarming party for a person in our Sunday School class. He and his wife just built a new house, and invited us all over for chile. Our class isn't huge and we all know each other pretty well, so that will be a nice evening.

All in all, it is a nice day shaping up here in the teeny burg of Comer GA. I hope you have a nice day as well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You could probably use your crock pot for vegetarian soups, stews, and chili. While we use ours for meat, I also do soup and chili in our crock pot. MMM! Nothing beats a batch of crock pot soup or chili for dinner.

Also, in case you don't know - green peppers freeze well. If you wash them, cut them open, and remove the seeds, you can cut the flesh into strips, and toss them in a freezer double zip bag and freeze them raw. No blanching needed. Then, take a few out as needed to add to recipes. We love keeping frozen green peppers around.