Monday, December 30, 2013


Here is a picture of a bubble machine at a family festival in Danielsville. I snapped this a couple of years ago.

We all love bubbles. Even adults stop, look, are mesmerized by their fragility, their beauty, their ephemeral nature. We watch to see how long one will fly, how big they can get, how their rainbow colors catch the sun.

Here is an interesting story about a mom and son who made homemade bubble juice, and went outside in the freezing cold to blow them. Now these are some pretty bubbles!

Mother and Son Blow Bubbles in Freezing Cold and Discover Something Beautiful
"After finding a soap bubble recipe online that consisted of dish soap, karo syrup and water; the mother and son braved the elements to see what would happen. The results were a breathtaking series of close-ups that showed the frozen soap bubbles in various states. Not only did each bubble freeze with their own unique pattern but they also deflated and collapsed in spectacular fashion. The series, which can be seen in its entirety on Facebook (here and here), has spread online in recent weeks."

Visit the links above to see them all. All photos by Angela Kelly

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