Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ingenuity and working with what you have

I have a small kitchen and not a lot of convenient places to put stove mitts. And I need them close because I am ridiculously stupid when it comes to cooking and I'm wont to open the oven and grab the pan with my hands. I had them on the stove fan hood for a long time but was frustrated with them sliding off into my pot of soup or pan of eggs. I'm live a lifestyle of "working with what ya got" so I looked around for a fast and free solution. This was it. Magnets placed just so and voila, pot-holder no more drop into pot.

The one on the left was a hand-print of a kindergarten student that her mom made and shrunk onto a magnet and given to me for a Christmas gift. The one in the middle was one I'd made because it was how I was feeling during that era. And the one on the right was made for me and it says "Attenti Al Gato" meaning beware of the cat. I had a bad cat at the time, lol. Abby The Psycho Kitty, RIP.

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