Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bountiful Basket Day

My Bountiful Basket today: a dozen small green apples, 5 red pears, 2 Asian pears, huge bunch bananas, ruby red grapefruit. Veggies: 3 large green peppers, two bunches celery, three bunches scallions, packet cherry tomatoes, bag russet potatoes, large Romaine lettuce, and a large bundle of baby asparagus!! The produce LOOKS great, and TASTES great (I already ate some celery). Cost benefit analysis: in looking at today's weekly ads from my 2 local supermarkets, plus estimating closely where produce is not featured in the ad, the cost for what I received today would have been $32.20. The total cost to me at BB was 21.50, saving me over $10. Thank you BB!

The green apples will become apple crumble for church Homecoming tomorrow. I will grill the scallions on the George Foreman grill, or roast them in the oven. They are very sweet that way. The cherry tomatoes will be used in salads and also cooked in a ratatouille with the green peppers and onions. Celery will be cream of celery soup. The rest of the fruit will be eaten raw with my lunch every day. The potatoes are usually turned into home fries and also will be used in black bean soup in a week after the celery soup gets eaten.

I love produce day. It only takes me ten minutes to drive there and ten minutes picking it up. The produce is already put together for me so it saves me time lingering and shopping in the grocery store. I hate stores. The produce is very good.

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