Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer is almost here

Our last day of school with the kids is tomorrow, it is only a half day at that. I can't wait for summer. We have this Memorial Day weekend holiday Monday, and then three days of post-planning. That just means boxing up the classrooms, cleaning, storing stuff, and the like. Then we're out!!

I have a stack of books I bought at a yard sale last weekend. Some legal beagle thrillers, and the Fireside Book of Best Dog Stories, a great book. There are a couple of literature books, too. (Laura Lippmann and Jodi Picoult). I also have some religious books to finish up that I bought last January.

My lecture series on Pneumatology awaits my happy ears, as does trying some new fig recipes (when the figs get ripe- now they are only a microscopic speck in the leaf's eye).

All in all, I am looking forward to a quiet time. Mornings I'll write, and study. Afternoons I'll read and nap. Evenings I'll watch Netflix. I don't plan on going anywhere or doing anything. The only excursions I plan to make are church twice a week, and the Farmer's Market once per week. And the grocery store when I get hungry. That's about it! If you have figured out by now that I enjoy peace and quiet, you basically have figured out my life. And it all begins tomorrow at noon.

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