Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter bunnies and jellybeans

When I was a kid in junior high school, there was an Easter contest at the local grocery store (Almacs For you native Rhode Islanders!). It was “Name the bunny rabbit and win one!” Kind of contest. I am sure I didn’t ask my parents’ permission to enter, they would likely have said NO to owning a rabbit. But I entered, along with my very bestest friend.

I named the rabbit “Christopher.” This made total sense to me. My brother was Christopher, and as all ‘too-cool- middle school girls know, little brothers are animals.

My BFF named it “JellyBean”.

She won.

That name made total sense to everyone else, being an Easter contest. LOL, I still got to be around the rabbit because when I visited my friend, because we would feed him and clean his hutch.

I loved the Easter Sunday morning Easter baskets. I loved the chocolate, of course, and I think I loved the fake ‘grass’ as much. It crinkled and was fun to play with. As for the chocolate rabbits, I always ate them ears first.

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