Friday, March 15, 2013

A day off

The Weather Channel tweeted the following and called it "The Great Divide: weekend temperatures"

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I live in the red part. LOL. We are predicted to be getting up to 70 degrees today and 76 tomorrow. I am psyched about this.

One thing I really love about this season in GA, my favorite among the four, are the birds. All of them never really go away in the winter, so I get to hear some birds all year long. But when they come back in the spring is it a symphony.

It is a teacher workday today, meaning, no kids. I had asked for a personal day and it was granted. So I am home, enjoying the lovely day with my cats, having a leisurely breakfast of banana pancakes, and being in my jammies to surf the web all morning. Sounds good? It is.

I started reading Willa Cather's "O, Pioneers" and I really enjoy it. There's nothing like good writing. It doesn't matter from which era it's from, good writing is good writing.  Pilgrim's Progress, 1678 was great. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, 1741 was great. The Return of the Native 1878 is great. O, Pioneers 1913 is great. Lonesome Dove 1985 is great. Water for Elephants, 2007 is great. Let's face it, I just love to read.

I admit though, I'm slowing down. At night, my eyes ache and don't focus as well. The lure of the laptop often draws me away, but I'm still reading there, just sermons and essays and not books. Part of it is that there are so few good things to read anymore. That's why I went back to my classics shelf and came out with O, Pioneers!. And what a happy day when you're pleasantly surprised by good writing and a good story.

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Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I love to read too. I just started John Bunyan's "Holy War". I too get drawn away sometimes by the internet. But I do love my books. There is just something about reading a book and marking it and carrying it with you. I love the "old guy" commentaries by the likes of David Baron, C.L. Feinberg, etc. Love to grab my Bible and a commentary and hit the front porch in the afternoons when the weather is good. Still cold where I am, Ky.,but I'm trying to be patient. Front porch, ice tea, and my good reads. What could be better? My kids and grandkids, of course and my husband of over 30 years.
On a personal note: Thanks for all your geat articles on The End Time Blog. It's like I would have written the same things.
Our Lord is so kind to bring His children together.
I'm sure you are a blessing to the children that you teach.
Well, have a great day and enjoy that Georgia sunshine. I had a lot of that growing up in Florida.