Friday, October 12, 2012

Uncontrolled bouncing

Ahhh, at long last, the weekend.

I can't complain. It was a teacher workday without kids, and to boot, I took a personal day, lol.

Yesterday was a day where, once per quarter, the children who have behaved to a certain standard are rewarded with a party. The first Reward Party of the year they get to play on bouncey houses. Each grade level comes out and for 45 blissful minutes, they get to free play in them.

When the kindergarteners came out, the grade I work with, they were massively excited. They were giddy, happy, and deliriously laughing. The fact that it was a 75 degree sunny fall day helped a lot!

One of the kids in line waiting to climb up the ladder of the inflatable slide, laughed and jumped on the bouncey house as a trampoline, looked at me and said, "I'm bouncing and there is nothing you can do about it!!!" She was right! Nor would I want to. This was one time they were encouraged to let loose and have fun. Run, bounce, slide, yell. Go for it, kids.

I plan to make banana muffins this weekend, and vegetable soup. Maybe quinoa salad. I plan to study a  lot and not talk to many people. I might go outside. Or not.

As the timeless and genius character Sheldon Cooper said Thursday night: “I didn’t really hit my academic stride until I cut out that time-suck known as ‘playing outdoors.’”

LOL, happy weekend!

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