Friday, October 26, 2012

College football and changing leaves

We have fall break now. This vacation is a mini-vacation, being a Friday and Monday off on either side of this regular weekend. This fall break is on the weekend of the extremely-taken seriously Florida-Georgia college football game. This is an intense rivalry between University of Georgia Bullgogs and Florida Gators. A LOT of people drive to Jacksonville to watch the game in person and root for the home team. The Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs - both ranked in the top ten - meet in their annual rivalry but this year the outcome determines if Florida will proceed to the SEC championships or if FL will knock UGA out of contention. If GA wins they have to win the next three games to clinch the SEC East title and then go on to fight for SEC winner at the championship game.

Or something like that.

I could care less.

But saying that around here is akin to heresy and I could be run out of town on a rail. I told you they take the game extremely seriously, lol!

I'm just as happy to have four days off. The weather this week has been spectacular. We've enjoyed vivid sunrises, clear and sunny days, warm temperatures and thankfully no more humidity. All this will change as Hurricane Sandy passes. By Monday the night temps will be in the thirties and the daytimes will have said goodbye to the seventies. September and October are glorious here.

If it is going to be cool Monday then I plan to bake some bread in the bread machine. I also plan to make black bean salad, cream of mushroom soup, and granola bars.

Oh yes, and somewhere along the way I'll vacuum and do the dishes. But not yet.

The big news around here is that I changed the cat food. I noticed that the cats had been picking at their food, and some days refusing outright to eat it. My cat Bert has gained a lot of weight lately, too. He struggles to jump aboard the bed. They seemed a little sad too. I can't explain it. They just seemed down. I've fed them the same food since I brought them home from the shelter five years ago: Everpet cat food. It is the Dollar Store brand. But when they began to balk, and also to throw up more often. After all these years, I looked into the cat food reviews and apparently Everpet is the evil Hitler of cat foods. There was not one good rating anywhere, there have actually been recalls, and anyone adding their own review to a website always used a plethora of exclamation marks!!!!!

Immediately I felt awful, guilty, and terrible that I'd been feeding them this food. I changed right away to a Purina brand. But in my defense, they had never balked that much before and seemed to thrive. Now though they actually seem happy. The run to the bowl right away in the morning and they eat all of the measured-out portion I give them, with no leftovers. And no one has thrown up. I can't explain it but they do seem happier and more content. Calmer too.

I'm so glad I have cats. They bring me lots of joy and are great companions. I'd do anything for them. Far from being the stereotypical aloof cats, they are loving and constant companions. And they don't ask for much in return, just for me to give them cuddles, which I'm always happy to do.

This Fall Break is the first hop in the hop-skip- and jump trio of vacations we get from school. When we return to school it's just a few weeks until the week off for Thanksgiving, and then another few weeks until the big two-weeks off at Christmas. Between the change in the weather from summer oppression, the glorious landscape painting each day at sunrise of during the bright day as the sun sines through the colorful leaves, the anticipation of the holiday is a great time to be in Georgia. Especially if the Bulldogs beat the Gators.

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