Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday mundanity is wonderful to me

I stayed home from school Friday. It was my first absence this year. I hated to do it, but I needed it though. The sinus infection I've been struggling with is now bronchitis, and that is one disease that just wears a person out.

Anyway, today is the usual Saturday domestic bustling that must be accomplished on this day and this day alone. (I'm serious about Sunday being a day dedicated to the Lord). I straightened up, but failed so far to vacuum, something that I have to do without fail every week. I have two cats, enough said. But I did clean the kitchen, do the dishes, and complete the errands.

I really enjoy our local grocery store. I can easily stick to my weekly budget of $30 and still get protein, fresh fruit, and a treat once in a while. The Dollar store is next door so that takes care of that. It is a blessing not to have to drive to the two places, and I would not give up the Dollar Store for anything. It is just too expensive to try and buy hard goods anywhere else.

I'm looking forward to the fruit salad I'm going to make: cantaloupe, grapes, mango. I plan a menu based on what was for sale, and make several items on Sundays for lunches during the week. This week I'll have tofu jerky, salmon-potato patties on bed of romaine, and sides of baked squash and green bean casserole. I'll also make some kind of soup, maybe some of the squash will go into a thick squash bisque...

It is less expensive to make items and store them ready to eat so no temptation to go out and pick something up. I work two jobs for 11 hours a day, so advance planning is crucial.

On my driving here and there I saw a wonderful 2 nailed on a rusty trailer, a black crow standing in front of red clay hill that reminded me of the cliffs of Dover, and coming round the curve, this unfortunate hay roll that escaped off an overloaded truck. Actually in passing the hay bale I saw that two had fallen off. I was glad no one was hurt and the driver as getting out of his car and making a cell phone call as I passed. Must have just happened.

I'm having a mug of green tea and preparing to put together the weekly prophecy newsletter. It will be a relaxing and restful Saturday, just what I need.

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