Thursday, February 24, 2011

Judy Holliday: actresses we love

Having Turner Classic Movies means that at any old time I may stumble on a gem. Saturday I was clicking the remote around the stations and got to TCM. There was an old black and white movie on and the memorable voice I'd heard once before wafted out of the speakers. It is the ditziest voice, the dumbest blond articuclation one can imagine. The woman in the move had hired a tutor so she could be smarter and more sophisticated for her beefy gangster boyfriend. So she was a moll. But an innocent one. As these things go, she did get smarter and realized the the boyfriend was just a two-bit lackey in the Mob, going nowhere. She fell in love with her erudite tutor.

It was Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday." I Love Judy Holliday. I first saw her in a wonderful film called The Solid Gold Cadillac. She has enormous presence, a voice to remember, great looks (and how narrow is that waist?) and acting chops Meryl Streep would kill for. Unfortunately she died of breast cancer after making only a few movies, but she lives on over at TCM.

In researching more about her, I learned one important thing: though she has a high pitched blonde bombshell ditzy voice, she certainly was no dummy. Her IQ was tested at 172. Long live Judy Holliday.

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