Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fall: the local tree, the local rooster

Fall in Georgia is not as vibrant as it is in Maine, where I had been living for a long time. The leaves do not get as bright, though they are pretty. The upside is that fall lasts a lot longer than just the few weeks it does in Maine. I can enjoy the change of the season in all its glory: the cooling temperatures, the clearing skies with bright starlight, and the leaves changing. Here is a tree whose leaves have fully changed but is aided in brightness by a setting bright sun:

The local rooster. I love hearing rooster's dawn cackle. He lives next door, but "next door" is far because each property owner on the street owns a lot of land. I always try to spot him as I come to the stop sign, but when he is out on the lawn he is always so far away for a good photo. I think he is pretty, that's why I want to see him closer up. He has deep hues and is a kind of a majestic walker of his domain.

Today is a bright, pretty day. I plan to head to the library for a new slew of books, the grocery store, and then home. I want to write a lot today, and finish the details of a Christmas program I am part of. A friend gave me some jalapeno peppers from her garden and I play to use them in a veggie chili. Then tonight, read. I don't know how I keep up with my hectic life.

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vicree said...

We have much in common, mostly, the hectic days!