Saturday, April 25, 2009

Athens Georgia shooting

Just when you think 'it could never happen here', it does. A University of Georgia Professor allegedly shot and killed three young adult student at an off-campus theatre. (UPDATE, AP at 8:53 pm: Authorities say a University of Georgia professor suspected in the deaths of his ex-wife and two others outside a community theater near campus had left his children in the car when the shooting happened.) One was close range, unfortunately. Three additional students were injured. The alleged shooter- Professor got in his car and drove away. Manhunt on now...Police are looking for George M. Zinkhan III, a professor in the Department of Marketing and Distribution and have searched his house with a SWAT team....

NYTimes article

AP article

AJC article


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm glad you are concerned as a lot of people are...but it was not young adults or students. Read all of the information out there if you can. It was sadly his wife/possible ex wife and two members of the theatre community who were older.

Elizabeth Prata said...

as more information comes in things get solidified. Initial reports were that the victims names were withheld and only reported that students were around at the theatre.

You are right, we now know the killed were indeed his wife and two other men. Police think the second man killed was an accidental bystander. The student young adults were hit by the richochets and injured(the police think they were ricochets)

as far as I know he is still at large.

thanks for your comment, and pray for the Athens community