Friday, July 28, 2017

Small thoughts

I'm starting my last summer weekend, as go back to school on Monday. The first part of the summer was good, June. July has been bumpy and some days just downright awful, but overall summer is still a great time of year

"The Last Weekend"
Well, my License to Chill is going to expire on July 31, and along with it, my Hermit Permit. I'm looking forward to seeing dear friends, colleagues, and new people on Monday. Meanwhile, let the Acorn TV bingeing commence!

"Acorn TV"
I love Acorn TV, a streaming service that presents exclusively British, Irish, Canadian or Aussie programs. I like the quality, it has a PBS feel without the begathons or liberalism. I had watched a show a few years ago called Life is Wild, about a veterinarian who trades his small animal humdrum life for restoring a wild animal reserve in Africa. It was a good show with an interesting premise but it turned out to be boring and I drifted away from its one and only season midway through.

Come to find out, the American version was based on a wildly popular and well done show originating in Britain called Wild at Heart. I've watched two of the episodes now and the warmth and charm in the British version is evident. I can see why Britain loved the show, which ran for 8 years and only recently went off. Apparently, shooting in Africa got too expensive, but when it got done the show was at the top of its ratings. I'm hopeful that I can enjoy this show, which is cinematically beautiful and also emotionally charming.

"The Cats"
Speaking of animal kingdoms, my two kitties have done very well this summer with me home. Murray is much more affectionate than he used to be. Maybe that is a function of just growing up, he's 3 now. Or maybe he just enjoys cuddling as the life he knew as an abandoned outdoor stray fades from his memory. He is very smart, cute, and now, cuddly. Bert, the ole lump, is still a wonderful and placid cat with just enough weirdness to make me love him all the more.

I don't like to wish my life away but I do look forward to Fall. The heat and humidity of a Georgia summer does get on one's nerves after a while. We have at least 5 more weeks to go. This Fall's changing leaves, pumpkins, fresh air, and cool nights are definitely going to be easy to trade for a constantly running loud air conditioner, humidity so thick you're breathing water, heat that sears the lungs, hornets and wasps ruling the yard, and a blazing hot car practically melting into the asphalt.

One thing I've enjoyed about summer is sipping good coffee. Not having to guzzle it down in a hurry because I have to get to work or the kids are coming in at morning bell. I have a large brown on the outside, black on the inside mug I use each day. It is Friends' size. Remember that TV show of the twenty-somethings who met for coffee at Central Perk, sat on the couches and held oversized mugs in their hands? I love to make a good medium roast and add a flavored creamer to it. And then commence to drink it slowly. I fill my mug only halfway so the coffee doesn't get cool while I'm taking my time with it.

Today I'm making a roasted corn and tomato and cucumber salad. I'll sprinkle Bleu cheese on top and serve slightly warm. Also making broccoli and tofu stir fry with teriyaki sauce. I do not like to bake and I wish I did because I really love blueberry muffins. And banana nut muffins, corn muffins, and bran muffins. All muffins. Yum!

I had gotten three large Golden Beets in the red net bag at Kroger. The produce in the red net bags are produce items set aside to sell at a reduced rate due to their shelf life. I love beets. They're expensive, so I don't get them often. I'd had regular red beets before but the Golden were new to me. The ones in the bag were perfectly fine, and I did the usual with them. I peeled, chopped into cubes, and roasted. They were golden and also delicious. I paired them with a roasted white potato and made a breakfast hash, drizzled a slight amount of maple syrup over the mixture, and laid a runny fried egg on top. Voila, deliciousness happening.

A very large grasshopper (or locust?) has been hanging around my front door lately Unfortunately when I open the door he usually leaps off, and I have little time to grab my camera. But today he was content to remain on the door, so I eased out smoothly and took some pictures of him from outside looking in. I took a bunch of pics, but here are a couple:


Grace to You said...

I love the second photo of the grasshopper - so artistic! My husband says grasshoppers are called locusts when they travel in huge groups. I don't know if he's right but he's usually right about everything else. :)

I'm sorry to hear this month has not been altogether pleasant for you. I realized a while back that I have SAD, but in exactly the opposite way most people do - I struggle in the summer. I always feel like I've been reborn when the weather cools off in the fall. It's helped to know and accept that this is going to happen every year, and it's also helped me stop feeling guilty for not loving the season everyone else does.

On a side note, we had friends from Maine stay with us last night before heading to CO Springs this afternoon for the beginning of their vacation, and it honestly felt like they brought a cool breeze with them! They also brought us a balsam bag, which is just heavenly. I used to leave our Christmas trees out on the back glassed-in porch till spring, then strip the needles and make my own bags. If I never get to live in Maine again, I hope the LORD will let me help rule over a tiny portion of it during the Millennial reign. :)

Elizabeth Prata said...

Grace To You I think your husband is exactly right. From my research it seems that the grasshopper v. locust debate is either they are very close cousins or the same insect. They really can't decide. When over population hits they turn from individual to "gregarious" (their term) and swarm, as we see the many Bible verses about plagues of locusts etc.

I think it's be great if summer and fall were reversed on the school calendar, let the cool fall be the time we have off and the sticky summer be during school when we're all inside working in an air conditioned building

When I get to heaven I'll have a sense of smell and then I'll be able to smell the pine! That will be lovely also!

Grace to You said...

You have no sense of smell?? Are you able to taste food you can't smell?

Elizabeth Prata said...

No I can't really taste, only if something is bitter, sweet,or sour. I go by texture and color, mostly.

Grace to You said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that! I'm thinking if I couldn't taste I would lose a ton of weight! :)