Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Severe weather outbreak upcoming

I've lived here 11 years and thankfully I haven't had too many run-ins with severe weather. No bad tornadoes and thankfully not even many severe thunderstorms. Once I hid in a closet where an EF-0 tornado went by a mile or so up the road. That was the only incident. The last few springs have been downright quiet on the storm front.

But they are predicting a very severe outbreak tomorrow all day. They're saying thunder, strong winds, golf-to-baseball sized hail, tree and limb damage, flash floods, and long-track tornadoes. That last one does put the fear into me. I'm used to blizzards, not tornadoes. I hate the buggers.

Weather preparation includes all the above, wearing sturdy shoes and a helmet is also recommended. Charge up your electronic devices, and draw water. Stay off the roads.

If a storm approaches, go to the lowest level of the building you're in, hopefully a study well-built one and not a mobile home. They are saying to go to a hotel or friends' tomorrow if you live in a mobile home. If you do not have a lowest level to your home, put as many walls between you and the exterior as possible. A closet or bathroom in the most interior section of your house is the best option in that case. If you're driving and a storm approaches, pull over ASAP and park out of traffic. Stay IN THE CAR, with your seat belt on. Put your head below the windows, and in all scenarios, protect your head and neck with a cushion, blanket, coat, and your arms. Do NOT park under an overpass. If you're walking when a tornado hits, find the lowest spot around and lay flat, again with something over your head.

I stocked my weather radio with fresh batteries, cleared out the tub and placed large cushions and a blanket in there because it's my tornado closet, brought in the lawn furniture and garbage can, and put the car in the garage. If you have unsecured things outside, secure them now. All there is to do now is wait and pray. They're saying power outages likely, so if there is no essay tomorrow on The End Time, that's why. Stay safe everyone in the South!


Grace to You said...

We've gotten snow the last couple of days...weird in the spring, but normal for Colorado...I'll take that any day over tornadoes. We'll be praying for you tomorrow - please let us know asap that you're okay!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thank you for your prayers! The weather forecasters were pretty hyper over this one. It turned out to be bad but not as bad as it could have been, and definitely not bad for us. South and west GA got hit with tornadoes in 4 counties. My town seemed to do OK, but the town to the left had high wind damage and a lot of trees down. The town to the left was out of power for over 6 hours. We received about 4 inches of rain. I'm OK, though. The worst of it came thru at midnight last night with a line of fast moving severe thunderstorms. All is well now. The temps have massively cooled, the highs will be 20 degrees lower than they have been. The wind is very high and has been all day (35mph gusts,) but that will lay down soon. Phew. Till the next one!

Grace to You said...

So glad to hear it wasn't as bad, for the most part, as they were predicting! I thought it would be days before we heard from you.

Grace to You said...

We prayed this morning that you were okay and that the LORD would help you with whatever work you had to do to clean up...maybe you could clean your house today or something. :D

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thank you SO much for praying for me! Believe me, many of us were praying all Wed and through the night until Thu morning. A lot of people's power went out and stayed out but mine didn't go out thankfully.

We had limbs and branches down but the landlord cleaned that up. He had scheduled men to fix the roof and do eaves work this week since he knew it would be between tenants (the family on the other side of the house moved out). So the few shingles that blew off, the men put back on when the winds had calmed enough to return to work today. I heard from friends that two adjacent towns to the north fared much worse, and one women is asking the NOAA people to come examine her damage because she swears it was a tornado that got her house. Phew, I definitely dodged a bullet.

By the way, the books came! Thank you so much! I am looking through "Texture effects for rubber stamping" right now. I spent the day crafting. I'll post photos tomorrow when all the things I made are dry. Thank you for thinking of me!

Grace to You said...

So glad the LORD spared you! And so glad the books came this week!! I was kicking myself for sending them media mail after I read that you have this week off. Can't wait to see your projects!

Elizabeth Prata said...

No worries! I was concerned they'd come on Wed with all the rain. Every time there was a lull in the storm I'd go out to the mailbox and check. But they didn't come at all that day and I was so glad, it was pretty wild. Nothing stayed dry, anywhere. When they came, the mailman actually walked up the driveway and put them between my inside door and outer screen door for me, safe from the rain and wind!

I'm interested in doing the magnet bookmark first that I saw in the texture book. :)

Grace to You said...

I may have some sheet magnets if you need them.