Sunday, February 12, 2017

Weekend crafting

I stink so bad at creating with my hands. But I try!

I prepared a few pages in my journal, attempting some techniques I've been looking at on Youtube. First:

Folded origami bookmarks:

Folded mini-booklets. No glue, no sewing:

Now to the art journal- Rubbing, stencil underneath with colored pencil on top:

Unfinished collage. Stamps on the bottom, wrinkled tissue paper on top of that, third layer started is the collage

Stencil whorls, with pear stamps on top. I dunno what's next. I'll likely spread some watercolor paint to deepen the layering and then collage over it.

Acrylic paint, stencil then more acrylic paint, watered down.


Lisa Chavez said...

💜Creativity is a source of joy, as we were created in the image of our Creator, and so these things we do are like tributes to our Heavenly Father. It is fun and positive, and a nice distraction from busy, stressful Life. So keep it up! I especially like the oragami bookmarks.

Grace to You said...

Your collages reminded me that I've been meaning to tell you something about a book I think I mentioned to you before - Some Writer, a biography of E. B. White. I've thought of you often as I've read it, because most of the pages are collaged! It's written by the woman who illustrated The Right Word, Melissa Sweet, but I think the art is even better (I bought The Right Word - I haven't read it yet, but I've looked through it).

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Lisa! The bookmarks were so easy. Grace To You I'll check out that book right now. It sounds very interesting

Grace to You said...

I finished Some Writer! a couple of days ago and it was one of the most enjoyable secular books I've read in a long while. I think you would like it, especially with the Maine connection.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Great, thank you Grace To You! It's hard to find good secular books. Maude by Donna Mabry was clean, I appreciated that a lot.