Tuesday, May 24, 2016

School is almost out

In Georgia, school starts in early August and if we're lucky, gets out before Memorial Day weekend. I have only another half day with the kids and then the rest of this week is post-planning. I'll break down my room and pack, we have meetings, and Friday a lunch for three staff members who are retiring.

We start up again next August 1. In between, I have 9 weeks of hermit-y bliss to look forward to. And who wouldn't want to be in this cute apartment all the time? Look at it, just look at it!

Studying and writing in my sweet little kitchen

Cat snoozing in the comfy chair, where I sit at night and read.

Wonderful naps in the afternoon

Surrounded by all the things I love

Early morning coffee on the patio, watching and listening to the birds


Grace to You said...

I feel like such a stalker for saying this, but I love seeing your home! You've talked about it often enough that it's nice to see the spaces you've described and picture you in them. It looks so cozy and peaceful.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks! Every time I open the door to come in, I feel like, "Well who wouldn't want to be here all the time!" :) It's small, and there's nothing of real value, but I make it work. To me it's as you said, cozy and peaceful