Sunday, February 14, 2016

Murray and his cardboard

All cats seem to love sitting in boxes. My old cat Abby did.

My new cat Murray likes a box too. He will sit in an empty box all day long. OK, not all day. After three seconds he'll shred the box.

Even if the box is small, Murray will get in it. Then he will see the flaps, and they are too luscious to resist. Mmm, cardboard.

Done with that flap, he moves to the other side. Time elapsed, 8 seconds.

Hmmm, I think this corner is sufficiently destroyed. What next?

Let me calmly ponder my next move while I clean myself up.

I've got to hand it to him, he is orderly in his chaos. He goes around the box progressively and methodically chewing each flap.

Here's a short video. Murray goes right to town on the cardboard. I like that he has something he enjoys. I just wish it wasn't destroying cardboard, with the potential that he'll gravitate to chewing books, magazines, and papers after he gets sick of boxes, or if there aren't any boxes around to chew.

Ahhh, cats. So mysterious. So cute!


Grace to You said...

Does he actually eat the cardboard??

Elizabeth Prata said...

No, he just shreds it and leaves the litter on the floor. You can see in the photos, the pieces he has torn off laying around.