Saturday, April 25, 2015

A slideshow of Pixlr photos

These represent all the pixlr photos I've created so far. I update it each time I add more photos
A Pixlr photo is my photo post-processed using Pixlr software to overlay or otherwise manipulate the photo to add texture, mood, or other elements into the photo.

Created with flickr slideshow.


Gates Collins said...

OK!! You can come clean now and admit you are really a 60's flower child, lol.

All of your "special effect" photos are good but some of them are SPECTACULAR!

Elizabeth Prata said...

thanks Gates! I am going to post in a second a photo of me in 4th grade on a field trip to Mystic Ct Marine seaport and museum, you will see just how much of a 60s flower power child I was.

Thanks for your compliment about the effects and overlays. I was heavy handed on many of them, I'm trying to be subtle. I love the skyfell pack best but that always produces a kind of a dark Armageddon-y feel, so on some of the photos I stretched myself and deliberately tried brighter colors and lighter effects.