Saturday, March 07, 2015

Dr Seuss week amid weird weather and great produce

I got a Bountiful Basket last Saturday!!! It was the first time since last August, when our local site closed down. The next nearest site is Athens. I don't get into Athens much, nor do I want to. And besides, the pick up time is early. So I put it out of my mind, and decided to simply fondly remember a blessed period filled with inexpensive yet high quality produce, ephemerally here today and gone tomorrow.

A friend at work said she was getting a Basket and would pick mine up for me, so I happily accepted her offer and got a basket. Plus, three add-ons.

The add-ons:

Banh Mi bread, a dozen baguettes. The flour is organic and the bread is FRESH.
Heirloom tomatoes
California Strawberries, about $1.50 per flat, 8 flats total.

Included in the basket were two heads celery, two heads lettuce, sweet red peppers, huge carrots, pineapple, bananas, avocados, asparagus, broccoli, and more that I am sure I am forgetting!

I roasted the red peppers, broccoli, and carrots. For breakfast I made fritatta with red peppers and feta cheese on the toasted banh mi, and a fruit salad containing strawberries and pineapple with homemade granola. Life is good.


When I'd received a gift certificate to for Christmas, one item I purchased is a laptop stand. Here it is. This was a very good purchase. It lifts the laptop just enough so that it does not heat up so much. For my personal settings, it lifts the laptop enough so that I don't have to hunch. (My chair is high which makes the laptop low). See it here-

The proper name is Ergonomic Aluminum Portable Foldable Cooling X-Stand for 12"-17" Laptops, Notebook PC, MacBook. It was $20. I recommend it!

We have had an incredibly confusing two weeks of weather. We had snow, ice, sleet, black ice, wind, and storm. We have had interspersed with that, dense fog, near 80 degree temps, sun, breeze, and blooming daffodils. So weird! One day I'm in a coat and scarf, the next I'm in bare fet and short sleeves. Oy.

One thing that spring brings is tornadoes and windstorms. So be assured that the weather radio now has a fresh bank of batteries in it.

By the way, lunch was ziti in fresh pomodoro sauce mixed with steamed asparagus and Parmesan cheese. I love Bountiful Basket.

Dr Seuss week is over. Each year we have fun with the kids at school by celebrating the notable author and illustrator's birthday. One day the cafeteria even served green eggs and ham! The kids were split on it, half tried it and liked it, half either avoided altogether or tried and didn't like. I think the character should have kicked that pesky critter Sam-I-Am's butt out of there and gone to get a pizza.

We have daffodils blooming out front. Sheep are bleating in the back.

Flowers there

Flowers' flair

Shep rest

Sheep sleep
And Dr Seuss fun is done.


Anonymous said...

Blooming daffodils! Heavenly!
I bought 2 baskets of pansies to bring in some color but they are not looking too happy after more snow up here north of Cincinnati.
Don't forget to set your clocks forward so you're not late for church. :)

Grace to You said...

I was just thinking about you today and am so glad you posted! I haven't been on the computer as much for a few months and haven't been keeping up with online things very well, but it occurred to me this afternoon that I hadn't seen you post in a while and I was hoping it wasn't because you had decided to quietly slip away. :) I really do enjoy reading your posts - your contentment with simple joys is a real balm to my sometimes-frazzled spirit.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Melissa, I forgot it was THAT weekend again!

Grace To You, thank you as well. I have had a lot to say actually but no time to say it. It has been a busy few weeks, both online and in real life. I do strive to keep this blog quiet. I need it too :)

Heather ~ Central Coast of CA said...

It's been quite awhile since I stopped by this blog (I'm plenty busy reading your other well-loved blog). I'm so glad I did. So refreshing and I feel like I have a neighbor to just share simple life with (we live up in the hills, lots of wildlife, but I do miss other humans, even if I am an introvert who values quiet and privacy, I would enjoy having believing neighbors...sigh).