Saturday, January 17, 2015

Don't fall asleep too late or you'll be up all night

I had a good week, it was enjoyable at work. I was a bit tired when I got home though. I ended up napping for two hours, from 5:30-7:30. Of course that means I'm a tree full of owls now. (It's 12:30 AM on Friday night)

I have a sink full of dishes but I find it helps dampen the cringing guilt of not doing them if I simply DON'T LOOK.

I plan to sleep late on Saturday and then have a slow and relaxing day. Meals this upcoming week will be:

--Cream of Carrot soup
--Spinach-feta quiche
--Roasted potatoes
--Roasted peppers and onions
--Roasted broccoli
--Chewy banana bars

In between there'll be cantaloupe, citrus salad, a mango smoothie, etc. But my main meals and side dishes and dessert is listed above. I bought frozen broccoli and plan to roast that. I am going to try eating some frozen veggies because they are less expensive than fresh, yet are flash frozen at the peak of ripeness, retaining more nutrients. I don't like the sogginess of defrosted frozen veggies, but I think the roasting will remove the moisture and still give the broccoli piece that nice golden color and crunch. The cream of carrot soup likewise will be another experiment with frozen veggies.

I bake with bananas a lot because the local grocery store often packages overripe bananas into a bag and sells a bunch for 99 cents. This is handy.

I had thought all week that the Martin Luther King long weekend was next weekend. Imagine my joy when I discovered it's this weekend. I'll love Monday.

Another thing I love is Georgia. After a week of truly freezing temps, lows in the low teens and wind chills in the single digits, today after a black ice start it was almost 60 degrees and sunny, No-jacket weather at recess. Love it!

Gas is down to $1.88. My tank was 2/3 empty and it only cost me $20 to fill it up. Woot! I may be able to drive for recreation again.

A friend gave me an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas. Today I used part of it. I ordered Talbott Teas. A different friend had given me this new-to-me tea at Christmas, a sampler package. It is smooth and great tasting tea. I learned that Shane Talbott used to run a spa, and wanting to give his customers a refreshing and relaxing experience, he created a line of teas. The tea bar at his spa became very popular. In 2012 he appeared on Shark Tank, wanting to leave the spa behind and concentrate on tea. He won and his teas are going global. As they should, they're really good teas.

I also bought a box of thank you notes and two pairs of socks. I think I was absent the day the passed out the shopping gene to women, but trust me, I'm thrilled with the purchases. Wild with excitement.

Another friend gave me a subscription to a tea magazine. I am very much looking forward to its arrival.

Well I'm starting to get tired now so I think I'll turn in. Have a good weekend everyone.


Inchwormart said...

Loved this sweet post, and thanks for the tip about Talbot's tea...I will look it up on Amazon today. Blessings!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Inchwormart! Talbott Teas are high-end, quality, and the price reflects that...