Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold ahead, Thanksgiving ahead, Christmas crafting ahead!

Everyone around here including me, is watching the weather for the coming week with a very wary eye. The high temperature by Tuesday is supposed to be only 35 degrees. The low doesn't usually get that low this early in the season, so people are rightfully worried. Pipes aren't insulated here. There are also lots of animals to keep warm.

I'm looking forward to five more days before the week off for Thanksgiving break. I made some food for the upcoming week's meals-

--Pea soup with potatoes, carrots, onions
--Kale chips
--jalapeno corn muffins
--chopped pineapple (to throw in cottage cheese)

Pea soup is so easy to make, and so good, filling, healthy, and delicious!

I started a Christmas project. I have all these photos I took, some are good, I think. And the free digital software these days is so powerful and versatile, I can manipulate the photos and make lots of things with them. I decided to make bookmarks from my photos, add scripture, print them on quality photo paper at home, and then laminate them at school. (The School charges a reasonable rate for personal use).

Just because the project is digital, doesn't mean it's easily accomplished. It takes time to select just the right photo, add a border that complements the photo, and to find a scripture to match. Deciding on the font and placement also takes skill, just ask any graphic designer. If the end result looks good, that seems like no big deal, but it is a big deal, because the designer did a perfect job that took much time. If the font is too big or too small, too scripted and hard to read, or off center, the project will look clumsy and amateur.

I had a hard time at first with cropping the size of the bookmark just right. Two inches by 7 inches seems to be a good, proportional size for a bookmark. Two of them I've finished will need to be redone because they are too wide. I saw this when I printed out a draft copy. But here are the results of the first pass.

In real life the nail bookmark is easier to read. But you can see the issues. Choosing a photo that isn't too busy is the key. Also being able to see a large photo and crop the parts that will translate well to a 2X7 inch strip, and still tell a story is also key.

In writing when one edits, it's all about what you leave out, and the same is true of any other creative art project. It's all about what you leave out. I'm excited to use the photos I've been taking for these many decades.

I'll paste a logo on the back, here it is

Have a good week ahead, try to stay warm!


Grace to You said...

I'm glad you mentioned that about the nail bookmark - I was thinking I must really be going blind. :) I like adding verses to photos and making cards with them, but I agree with you that it is a labor of love.

How do you make your kale chips? I tried once and they were awful (but I can't remember how I did it). I roasted broccoli for the first time this weekend and it was delicious! I had no idea roasted broccoli would be so good...thanks for the suggestion!

Elizabeth Prata said...

Hi Grace To You, yes in fact all the bookmarks are easier to read in real life. I do enjoy it. I have the time, especially after this Friday at 3:00! when I go on break for a week.

Kale chips: nip off the harder or longer stems, toss in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, lay on baking sheet, and bake for 10 min at 275. They crisp up fast.

Inchwormart said...

What a terrific idea to include in a Christmas book. I might have to hijack your idea for a few presents of my own. Blessings.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Go for it Inchwormart! The more the merrier :)