Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I hope you are having a great, relaxing day. If you're reading this from anoher country besides the US and don't celebrate Thansgiving, then I wish you good day anyway.

I am on vacation from work this week. I've been quite sick all week with bronchitis, so that worked out well. I've had an opportunity to rest, take NyQuil, drink tea, and cough in peace without missing work or breathing on anyone.

By the numbers:

Documentaries watched: 4

Yoo Hoo Mrs Goldberg
Herb and Dorothy
The Great American West
Becoming Santa

TV shows on hulu watched: 3

Lou Grant
Inspector Morse

Hugs received: 2

Hugs given: 1
(1 of the above hugs was an ambush hug, given and done before reciprocation could be enacted)

Bountiful Baskets Pumpkin-cranberry rolls eaten: 4

Thanksgiving dinners packed: 700

Thanksgiving dinners eaten: 1
cranberry sauce
green beans
sweet potato
wheat roll
pound cake
hot tea

Times Neti pot used: 12
*Note, buy more nasal salt

Friends to the rescue: 1

Three more days and then back to work for a few more weeks until the long Christmas break. Though I hold no ill will for being sick over the break, as I'd have been at home anyway, I would like to enjoy Christmas break with a bit more consciousness and cognitive awareness than I did this Thanksgiving break. Between the sinus, naps, and NyQUil, I've really been out of it.

**Disclaimer: If I wrote or said anything while under the NyQuil haze, I am not to be held responsible. It's the evilly effective green syrup talking.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Glad your week has been blessed, bronchitis and NyQuil fog notwithstanding.