Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today is cooler

Whenever I slip on my scrubby sandals to go outside and bring the trash or hang the laundry, I walk across the grass. I don't know what is out there the cat likes so much, but when I come in, he goes bonkers. As I slip the sandals off and go to fold the laundry, I always look back to see him writing over the sandals like they had just been dipped in catnip.

The neat thing is that Luke will do his ecstatic rolling around, and Bert will wait nearby. Then Bert will take a turn on the sandal, smelling it and rolling all over it. Maybe there is some catnip out there, or catnip-like plants they like so much.

It has been cloudy all day and last night we got some rain. Right now it is only 80 degrees, the coolest it has been in some time. What a relief. I haven't even turned on the air conditioner today, another relief. That thing is loud.

I have a poll training coming up. I am working the polls at the end of July so I go through the training every time. I work at a station that the roosters and cows are more familiar with than the voters, lol. It is surely a little, out of the way station, but it is just my speed, this being only the second time I've worked. If there was a crush and a bunch of questions I am sure I would be clueless. I'm also glad that there will be several veteran workers with me. All in all it is a pretty quiet day and a way to make some money in the summer. I'm not a huge fan of training sessions but I know I need it and I want to do the best job I can on behalf of the people who come to vote. This is a photo of the place at dawn, just before we opened the polls:

See? I told you it was pretty. And rural.

I was looking for the wallpaper design I'd had in my childhood bedroom online the other night. It was of daisies and sunflowers, yellow and orange. It probably would seem garish now but I had loved it then. In my search I'd found this lady on Pinterest who had a gorgeous array of vintage 1960s wallpapers and the design was really beautiful. Sure, some of the psychedelic design back then was garish, but I found this array to be refined and interesting.

Here are just a few of her pins:

Here is a shot of me on Christmas when I was 1-year old. I like the design of the wrapping papers.

Everything old is new again, and these look retro modern.

Have a good day everyone, and take a moment to enjoy the view or admire some design. Or, just take a nap. ZZZ...zzz...


Francesca said...

Glad the heat wave is over. I love wall paper now (used to hate it for years), but not the work that putting it up involves! Nice pic of baby you.

Elizabeth Prata said...

Thanks Francesca. It is only in the mid to upper 80s now, and that is normal for this time of year. It's livable.

I'm even more grateful for the wallpaper I'd had for two reasons- my family let me pick it out! And secondly my bedroom was on the upper floor of an old Cape Cod house, with those severely slanting eaves. The roof came down practically to the floor. The wallpaper had to be hung on an incline. It must have been a bear to put up. As you say, it's a lot of work.